Consumer Collection Policy

It is the policy of the Town to promptly collect amounts owed in order to meet its budgeted expenditures.  Property owners within the Town's Water System District should remit balances owed in accordance with payment terms provided for in Chapter 213 of the Town Code.  Collection efforts should be timely and consistently applied.  Collection efforts should follow a progressive series of increasingly firm letters and may, for seriously delinquent accounts, require involvement from the Town Solicitor and/or disconnection of water service.

To read the Water Collection Policy in its entirety:  Water Collection Policy

A portion of the residents of the Town of Ocean View are served by the Town of Ocean View Municipal Water Utility. The Town’s Municipal Water Utility is supplied by Tidewater Utilities Inc. through a Water Service Agreement.  This agreement has been in place since 2007 and includes the provision of all maintenance and operations associated with the utility. Our utility is therefore a fully outsourced Municipal Water Utility. 

Others in Town limits also receive their water supply from Tidewater Utilities Inc. as a direct Tidewater Utility customer but not as a Town Municipal Water Utility customer, although the water supply is from the same source. In addition, the homes of Savannah’s Landing are serviced by the Bethany Beach Water Utility.

Please note that the water supplied to the Town of Ocean View by Tidewater Utilities Inc. does not currently have fluoride added.  We encourage families to share this fact with your pediatricians and or dentists.

Where does my water come from?

Your water is groundwater that comes from Tidewater’s Bethany Bay Pump District.