Water System Information

Town of Ocean View Water System

The Town of Ocean View Water System is a municipal utility that serves approximately 900 properties within the Town. The system is operated for the Town by Tidewater Utilities and water is provided from Tidewater’s wells in the Bethany Bay District.  Included in the system are fire hydrants located along streets in the Town’s service territory. All properties located within the service territory are required to connect to the system.

Under an agreement with Tidewater, it provides meter reading and billing on behalf of the Town’s water system. Meters are read quarterly and water bills are mailed in January, April, July and October.  Payment is due within 30 days of the billing date.  An interest fee of 1.5% of the outstanding account balance will be assessed each month until water charges are paid in full.

If you have a question regarding your water service, including billing, please call the Customer Service Center at 1-877-720-9272.

Water Payments

All payments should be made payable to “Town of Ocean View” and mailed to a bank lockbox at:
            Town of Ocean View
            PO Box 826538
            Philadelphia, PA 19182-6538

Please include your water account number (10 digits) on your check.

Water payments should NOT be mailed or delivered to the municipal building (201 Central Avenue, Ocean View, DE).  The Town must forward all such payments to the bank lockbox and this will delay the posting of the payment to your water account.

For your convenience, however, all cash payments will be accepted at the municipal building located at 201 Central Avenue. Please DO NOT leave cash payments in the drop box located behind the building.

Tidewater currently does NOT accept credit card payments for water billings. Should you wish to pay your water bill by a credit card, please visit or call the municipal building (302-539-9797) to make a payment in person or over the phone. A 3% convenience fee is added to all credit card charges.

Other Information

Note that all fees and charges for consumption of water from the Town’s water system are the responsibility of the owner and the account must be maintained in the owner’s name.  Upon request, a courtesy copy of the quarterly water bill will also be mailed to a tenant.  All water charges are municipal charges and failure to pay these charges in full may result in a municipal lien being placed on the property.  These charges will include all applicable legal fees resulting from placing the lien.

In order to ensure proper billing in the case of a real estate transfer, closing attorneys should contact the Finance Department at (302) 539-9797 x102 to arrange for a final meter reading and final billing prior to settlement on all Ocean View properties.

For additional information on the water system, including use of private wells, rates/fees and other procedures, please see Chapter 213 of the Town Code that can be found at this here.

A portion of the residents of the Town of Ocean View are served by the Town of Ocean View Municipal Water Utility. The Town’s Municipal Water Utility is supplied by Tidewater Utilities Inc. through a Water Service Agreement.  This agreement has been in place since 2007 and includes the provision of all maintenance and operations associated with the utility. Our utility is therefore a fully outsourced Municipal Water Utility. 

Others in Town limits also receive their water supply from Tidewater Utilities Inc. as a direct Tidewater Utility customer but not as a Town Municipal Water Utility customer, although the water supply is from the same source. In addition, the homes of Savannah’s Landing are serviced by the Bethany Beach Water Utility.

Please note that the water supplied to the Town of Ocean View by Tidewater Utilities Inc. does not currently have fluoride added.  We encourage families to share this fact with your pediatricians and or dentists.

Where does my water come from?

Your water is groundwater that comes from Tidewater’s Bethany Bay Pump District.