FY22 Property Tax Assessment Lists


The Town of Ocean View’s Fiscal Year 2022 Assessment List is available for public inspection in the lobby of the Ocean View Administrative Offices located in the Wallace A. Melson Municipal Complex (201 Central Avenue) by appointment only from February 16, 2021, until March 8, 2021 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. To make an appointment for examination of all property assessments, please call (302) 539-9797 ext. 103 or email financetov@oceanviewde.com. COVID-19 restrictions are in place including the wearing of facemasks and social distancing. The link for the Town of Ocean View’s Assessment List (searchable document) is below or click on “Online Property Tax Payments” from the upper left menu bar. The online tax database may be used for tax payments (partial or full) but is also searchable by property owner’s last name or by property location (street name) for informational purposes. Town of Ocean View property owners interested in appealing their property assessment shall notify the Town Council in writing within twenty (20) days of February 15, 2021. Appeals may be mailed (postmarked no later than March 7, 2021) to: Ocean View Finance Department, 201 Central Avenue, Ocean View, DE 19970 OR emailed to financetov@oceanviewde.com.

Informal appeal hearings will be held March 1st – 10th with Pearson’s Appraisal Services. Any appeals which remain unresolved will be heard by the Board of Assessment between March 15th and March 20th . The Town will contact all appellants to schedule a formal appeal. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Finance Director, Dawn M. Parks at (302) 539-9797, ext. 103/email financetov@oceanviewde.com OR Accountant, Shawanda Garrison at (302) 539-9797, ext. 102/email accountant@oceanviewde.com.

The Proposed Tax Rate for Fiscal Year 2022 is $ .2678 per one hundred of assessed value. This is a two (2) cent increase over Fiscal Year 2021. To calculate your property taxes with the proposed tax rate following the below instructions. First, divide your assessed value by 100 then multiply that amount by .2678

Examples are below:

Property Assessment                               150,000         300,000          450,000
Property Assessment / 100                          1,500             3,000              4,500
Tax @ FY21 Rate ($.2478)                        $ 371.70        $ 743.40       $ 1,115.10
Tax @ FY22 Proposed Rate ($.2678)      $ 401.70        $ 803.40       $ 1,205.10
Change in Taxes                                         $ 30.00         $ 60.00             $ 90.00

As with Fiscal Year 2021, the Town Council is proposing an early payment discount for Fiscal Year 2022 if paid by July 31, 2021 (the reduction is equal to 1% of the property tax portion of your tax bill). 

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