Communication and Outreach Improvements

Town of Ocean View, Delaware 

News Release

May 11, 2021


            Improved Website, Launch of OVTV 78/818 Government Access Channel and Domain change to .GOV

Town Manager Carol Houck announced Tuesday that “the Town’s efforts to add and improve upon communication options for our community, are all ready to launch!” After working for the better part of a year on the various initiatives along with other Town employees and consultants, all three improvements are now available.  

Most notable is the new government access channel OVTV (Ocean View TV) found by property owners of Ocean View on Mediacom stations 78 and 818.   “OVTV allows residents, property owners and visitors of Ocean View to have easy access to information and important messages about our community”, said Houck.   “and we are hoping our property owners make tuning into OVTV a daily habit that keeps them better informed, and aware of opportunities and initiatives. Further, that owners who rent properties educate their renters to tune in as well. ” 

While Mediacom is currently the only cable TV provider, any others that may serve the community in the future will also air the same programming as a requirement of any franchise agreement.  Emergency situations, special events, meeting dates and more can be shared in an attractive and convenient way. 

While Ocean View has had a website for some time, the updated site was designed to improve the ease of finding information our community needs.  “We are hopeful that it is more intuitive and attractive than the past version”, said Houck.  In addition, the Town’s domain has changed from .Com to the more common .Gov used by government agencies.  The .Gov domain has a higher level of controls and is typically something users feel more comfortable with to handle transactions or trust in the information being shared.  The .Gov helps confirm that you are reaching a government entity, something of greater importance now in this age where spamming and website fraud is more common.  

The community is also advised that with the .Gov domain change email address changes for all employees except those in the Police Department are necessary.  Forwarding of emails will take place for a few months, however simply exchanging the .Com with .Gov for addresses you are familiar with will do the trick. 

Mayor John Reddington expressed his “appreciation for the Town staff’s efforts to work together as a team to move these important improvements along”.

Ocean View will maintain its annual newsletter mailing to property owners including tax billing and water quality reporting. “We have received good feedback from our newsletter mailing and combining it with the requirement to mail the other two communications provides added value and efficiencies”, said Councilman Frank Twardzik.   





For additional information:

Town of Ocean View, DE 

Town Manager Carol Houck 

201 Central Ave.

Ocean View, DE 19970


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