2022 Reassessment

These new assessed values will be used for the Town’s FY23 property tax bills that will be mailed in late May 2022. 
Please click this link to find out your new assessment value.

If you wish to set up an appointment regarding your new assessed property value please call 1-302-539-9797, ext 108. or email OVDE2022Reassessment@oceanviewde.gov 

Town of Ocean View, Delaware 

Property Tax Assessments Basic Information:

Property taxes represent the largest piece of revenue for most local governments which is used to fund operations and services provided. They are a type of ad valorem tax, calculated as a percentage of the assessed value of the taxed property. Generally, an assessment of the property is made by determining how much similar property can be sold for on the market at that time.

However, property values, such as home prices, are not static. Over time the market value of property will change, and not in a uniform pattern. That is, even in the same Town some property will appreciate while values elsewhere may drop. These variations in market value necessitate regular reassessment of the property to levy an equitable property tax. 

Usually, assessors hired by local governments do the work as is the case for the Town of Ocean View.   Ocean View has a Charter requirement to complete a full reassessment of properties every 5 years to keep up with fluctuations and maintain equity, while maintaining necessary revenues to fund operations. Infrequent reassessments can result in significant over or underpayment of property taxes depending on the values of specific properties. For instance, if property has decreased in value a property tax using an old higher value would not be fair. The  Town assessor handles informal appeals of their assessment and where appropriate will adjust the assessment.  

Each year, including a full reassessment year, the Town of Ocean View  publicly notices its property owners of its posting of their current assessed values by February 15th in advance to its May 1st tax billings. This is accomplished by advertisement in a local newspaper and posting on the Town’s website.  Any taxpayer aggrieved by their assessment posting shall notify the Town, in writing, within twenty (20) days of February 15th.  The Town  Board of Assessment hears and determines any formal appeals (that remain unresolved informally), and not later than the thirty-first (31st) day of March, the Town Council  will certify the assessment roll in its final form for that year. 

Notification to the Town of any perceived errors in an assessment is the responsibility of the property owner and will only be considered during the appeal period associated with the annual assessment or Town wide five year reassessment. If the assessor (informal appeal) or the Board (formal appeal) finds in favor of the property owner, the assessment will be corrected to the amount set by the assessor or the Board. The corrected assessment will only apply to the present and future tax years. Prior years are not eligible for refund as their appeal period has ended.

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