The Town of Ocean View’s  Administration incorporates the Town Manager and Town Clerk and Receptionist.  All other divisions report to the Town Manager in a Council-Manager form of government.  

The Town Manager is responsible for the effective provision of services to the community and oversight of all operations including the responsibility for the preparation and implementation of the annual budget.   The Town Manager serves at the pleasure of the Town Council under a contractual agreement.   
The Town Clerk is responsible for maintaining records, preparation of minutes for all official public meetings and ensuring all postings for meetings and notices are done in a timely and appropriate manner.  The Town Clerk serves as the liaison to the Election Committee and works closely with the Town Council in relationship to appointments to all Town boards or commissions.

The Receptionist position functions under the administrative division but provide support to all areas of the organization.

Hours of Operation 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday except Holidays.