Ask the Town Clerk

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How do I register to vote?

To vote in Town of Ocean View elections you must be a resident of at least 30 days or more and must register with the Town Clerk.  Proof of residency is required such as a Delaware drivers license.  

When are the Town elections held?

The Town elections are held the second Saturday of April in Town Hall at 32 West Avenue.

I registered to vote with the State of Delaware am I registered with the Town of Ocean View?

No. The Town of Ocean View compiles its own voter registration list.  You must register with the both the State of Delaware and the Town to vote in all elections.

General Information
Where is the Municipal Building?

The Town of Ocean Municipal Building is located at 201 Central Avenue.  The Police Department occupies the lower level and the General Administrative Offices are on the second level. 

Where is the Town Hall?

The Town of Ocean View's Town Hall is located at 32 West Avenue.  This is where the monthly Council Meetings, Board of Adjustment and Planning & Zoning Meetings are held.

What is the Town's holiday schedule?

The Town's holiday schedule can be found on this page

Where can I find the current job listing for the Town?

The current job listing for the Town can be found on this page.

How do I find bid opportunities with the Town?

All Bid Opportunties are listed on this page.

How do I find the meeting schedule and agendas for Town Council?

Town Council meets the second Tuesday of the month at Town Hall, 32 West Avenue.  Council Workshops, when held, are held the fourth Tuesday of the month.  Meeting agendas can be found on here.

Where can I find the minutes to a meeting?

All minutes can be found here.

How can I contact a Council Member?

Council Member information can be found here.

How do I find out about Town events?

Town events can be found on the Town calendar.  Events are also listed on at this link.

Hours of Operation 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday except Holidays.